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A sunny Sunday of footy

After a rained out round last weekend it was amazing to see our Swans take the field again!

Scroll down for coaches reports and this round's photos.

We always encourage spectators to send through photos of each game for use on our blog. Please send your photos to or message us your photos on Facebook.


U8.5's Vs Kingscliff @ Mortimer Oval

After being stymied by a forfeit and some inclement weather, the Lismore 8.5 mixed team were really keen to finally get a game. We have been training for weeks and the kids have been making marked improvements in their skills.

Thankfully, today we were greeted by a stunning Lismore winter day, and a fully manned Kingscliff side ready for a good contest.

Our midfield group of Callum, Leroy, Kelaya and Archer quickly gained control and sent the ball to our dangerous forward line. With Alex providing some great contests and Tom getting on the end of some good passes the scoreboard was ticking over. Alex even put his head on the line for one marking attempt! Our newest recruits Jerome and Kelaya took to football like a naturals running through the middle and setting up play with some terrific handballs and kicks.

Archer and Brayden were terriers whenever the ball hit the ground and Archer got a couple of nice goals to celebrate!

As the game wore on the Watson boys – Tom and Jack got in the action as they moved through the midfield and forward. Between them they created plenty of chances and were able to use their sublime skills to finish off well.

It was great to see the kids putting their training skills to work. There was some lovely handballs and kicks to teammates and some good options taken.

It was a match played in really good spirits and looking forward to getting into the season.

The award winners were Alex Crane (for his ferocity at the contest), and our debutantes Jerome and Kelaya Daley ( Great first games)



U10.5's Vs Kingscliff @ Mortimer Oval

The U’10 / 12 boys had a great game against Kingscliff this week. It was a beautiful morning at Mortimer oval with some great footy on display.

The boys were quick out of the blocks with Eli finding the big sticks in the first quarter. Syd was almost impassable in the centre and took a contender for ‘mark of the year,’ but the boys didn’t have it all their own way.

Kingscliff were very competitive and were led by 3 boys who looked suspiciously like Django, Jonah and Zack. But these kids move so quickly it was a little hard to tell!

The Swans were also terrific in the contest, lead by excellent chasing, tackling and spoiling by Dean, Logan, Will, Oliver and Archer who continually made it hard for their opponents. Sol did an amazing job in his first game and impressed with his attack on the ball (and a great somersault!)

Fynn and Lachlan got on the board with nice goals, and Zack (Cohen) showed his long kicking ability and also kicked a major. Eli kicked his second due to some great teamwork. But the game was still close and competitive right until the last quarter. All up it was great to watch the boys play and they looked pretty satisfied with the result.


U11's Girls Vs Tweed

This week the girls took on Tweed yellow in another perfect football day and a great game was played out between the two evenly matched teams.

The lead changed hands many times throughout the game and the girls played well to keep in the match.

I was very happy with the way we put into practice the skills we learnt at training,like running into open space and moving the ball on quickly. 

Tackling pressure was good,but it is something we will work on further.

Awards this week went to Seterra for a great first game and Charlee for strong tackles.

Training on Thursdays will now be from 4-5 pm .



U14.5 Ballina Swans Vs Southport Sharks

Under 14.5 Ballina Swans versed Southport at Fripp Oval Ballina. It was tough a game from start with no team getting away on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter a collision with the point post caused both teams to be down a player. Which seemed to hurt the Swans more as we lost Caleb from our backline for the rest of the game.

Kobi had another great game down back. Josh and Lochlan tried all day swapping between forward/ruck/ back to cover the loss. Co Captains Jayden and Jack again lead from the front. Malachi, Tom and James Bazzana all had great games all playing out of position.

Hold your head up boys fantastic game. Its not very often you get praised by the opposition coach so that should mean alot.

Ballina Swans 2.6.18 Southport 4.9.33

Goal kickers Tom Bowker Josh Haines

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