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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Round 10 saw us redirected from a wet and puddly Mortimer Oval to a wet and puddly Byron ground at Cavanbah Centre for our last home game...away...before the school holiday break!

Our stellar volunteers got there nice and early to set up the ground and our colours, and welcomed a great round of footy with the Brunswick Bulldogs and the Ballina Bombers.

This awesome crew is our major sponsor. A Lismore based family business delivering across the Northern Rivers.


Superstars Swans v Brunswick Bulldogs

In what was, so sadly, the last game for these tiny tyros this season, we were once again treated to our great game being experienced, embraced, and enjoyed by our youngest charges!

Under the fabulous guidance from the Bulldogs coordinator and the respective parents and carers, both teams ran, and jumped, and kicked the ball, cheered each other on and high fived at every chance.

Watching these kids throughout this season has been one of the great highlights for everybody involved in all age groups in our proud junior club.

We cannot thank those who have involved these kids in the Superstars program enough, and rest assured this won’t be the last we see of them, as we, and the league have plans towards the end of the season.

Well done Superstars and welcome to the Swans family!!


Under U8s - Swans vs Brunswick Bulldogs

By Coach Peter

The fixture vs Brunswick Bulldogs was moved to Byron Bay due to the condition of Mortimer Oval and upon arrival at Cavanbah everyone was looking for gumboots, the ground was soaked with plenty of talk about how wet it was and should the game be on.

However I’ll ask you a question, do Swans like playing in puddles and mud ? Awesome U8’s said and got stuck in to the Bulldogs with fur rather than feathers flying.

First we had to even the numbers up with the Doggies being short and our always willing volunteer Archer step forward to help out first, Thanks Archer.

The kids really turned up to play this week with plenty of energy after having training cancelled this week and within 1 minute had a behind and a major on the board. Our midfield was superb all day in the wet conditions and sticking to the game plan of playing on quick, get on the ball on the ground, kicking long and following kicks was paying off. Goals were a plenty, Tom said to the coach before the game he was going to get 10 goals and he did, great shooting Tom !  Lewis, Hugh, Callum and Logan all got multiple goals. Oliver got his first goal, a just reward for all his work. Oliver & Damien chased so hard most of the day to put pressure on and win turnover ball which went forward for shots on goal. In the wet all the kids had great games and were not phased about getting wet and enjoying the conditions.

Congratulations to Hugh & Callum backing up in the under 10’s and having great games there too, Hugh on debut.

Everyone had fun and contributed in some way to a great result in perfect ground conditions for Swans ! Great work kids and enjoy the break over holidays.

Voucher Winners

Oliver O'Shea

Damien Hyde



Under U10 Girls - Swans vs Ballina Bombers

By Manager Nick

Another impressive round from the under 10 girls. With Mortimer oval closed due to all the rain we received during the week, our game was transferred to the Cavanbah Centre in Byron bay. 

Week after week these girls impress us with their growth and improvement, this week was no different. Playing on a much bigger field than they are used to, their fitness was put to the test with plenty of room to run, which also gave the umpire a chance to crack down on the 3 second rule and running with the ball.

Both teams adapted well and we saw some fantastic passages of hand passing which opened up the congestion, letting the girls use their speed to get clear and kick some goals.

Voucher Winners

Djidji Bertram

Jasmine Clapham

Both were fearless in getting over the ball on the ground and then using their speed to get clear. Terrific round from the Swans.


Under 10s - Swan Reds vs Brunswick Bulldogs

By Manager - Warren

Swans U10 played the Bulldogs at Byron Bay.  The 11 players had a great time in the wet conditions. They played a very tight zones.  Making scoring points a must. This day was a chance to show there skills.  A fun game was had by all.

Voucher Winners

Jet Tyson

Eli Connolly


Under U10s - Swans White vs Ballina Bombers

The 10 White team were up next against a strong Bombers outfit, and strengthened by the timely additions of Hugh and Callum backing up from the Under 8's, they once again ran onto the damp ground amid beautiful sunshine and masses of energy in tow!

As the hooter sounded and the ball was thrown into the air it was evident that our guys were in the mood to have some fun, run through and break the lines, send some big kicks forward, handball to teammates in better positions, and put pressure on the opposition when needed!

The wet conditions proved no barrier, as the players threw themselves into each contest, and displayed fantastic skills worthy of dry weather footy!

Coaches Rich and Robbie have got a brilliant group of kids, who each week show the benefits of teamwork and increased confidence in themselves and their teammates. Each individual player is as important and valuable as the teammate next to him, or in the zone down field, and that's what makes for a great team!

Great game guys and enjoy the break!

Voucher Winners

Callum Harden

Hugh Bashforth

Flynn Henderson


Under U12s - Swans vs Brunswick Bulldogs

By Coach Shane

Under 12’s played travelled to Byron Bay for a home game against Brunswick Heads.

Lismore had the quick start keeping the score board ticking over with continuous forward entries , for the first 3 quarters. The last quarter we mixed the sides up to even up the contest Brunswick Heads won the quarter by a point.

Team is growing in confidence each week.  A great team effort.

Swans: 10.0.60 - Bulldogs 0.0.0

Goal kickers Tom Bowker  5, Malachi Canning 3, Louis Ashby 2, Django Hudson-Sheaffe 1, Caleb Maguire 1,Bowie Robertson 1 and goal to Brunswick Heads player in last quarter.

Voucher Winners

Dylan Buckley

Bowie Robertson


Well that wraps up round 10, and brings on the school holiday break, seeing our games recommencing on the 28th of July.

We would like to thank the tireless efforts of our committee, volunteers, coaches, team managers, parents and carers, and of course our sponsors for whom without any of these contributors, would our club even exist.

The rest of the season promises to be as busy and brilliant, beginning this weekend, with representatives of our Under 8’s and Under 10 Girls teams playing halftime at Metricon stadium in the Gold Coast Suns vs Richmond game!

Have fun and kick some goals guys!

Enjoy the break, and if you’re travelling, stay safe!


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