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Footy in the bubble!

Thank you to all of the parents and players who so graciously adapted to last minute changes in venues for this week's round due to the 'travel bubble'.

Scroll down for coaches reports and this round's photos.

We always encourage spectators to send through photos of each game for use on our blog. Please send your photos to or message us your photos on Facebook.


U8.5's Vs Tweed Tigers

With “The Bubble” coming into existence, the U8.5 Swans were forced to change venues. So it was off to Tweed to take on the Tigers.

Special thanks to the Committee for their work in organizing the venue, and the parents for adjusting on the run. Despite the change of venue we still had fantastic numbers.

The game saw two very evenly matched teams playing a highly entertaining game. There was end to end play, with both teams having periods when they dominated.

Lismore started well with our powerful midfield unit getting first use of the ball. Its hard to believe that is was only Leroys second game of Aussie Rules given how well he is playing. With the wind playing havoc with kicks the team adapted well and used some slick handballs. The communication and voice our players use continues to improve

Tom W and Hugh were a dangerous duo up forward. Kicking some great goals- even throwing in a Banana kick for good measure.

Other highlights were

-Brayden weaving through traffic and finishing off with a well taken goal,

-Archer recovering from a ‘falcon’ from his Dad in the warm up to have a terrific game.

-First gamer Keilani showing she is going to follow family tradition and go a long way in footy.

Award winners were Leroy, Hugh and Brayden



This weeks game against Tweed was a high scoring affair – and really enjoyable to watch. No official score kept of course, but the boys were pretty happy to sing the club song at the end! According to a source (aged 11 years) the Swannies final score was in the sixties, but they didn’t have it all their own way. It was a very competitive game with great skills displayed by both teams.

Game highlights included another spectacular mark by Syd on the outer wing, running bounces by Zac through the middle, and zipping runs from Jonah and Fynn. But the encouragement awards for the day went to Harvey who “brought his own ball” and Sol in just his second game. The whole team agreed that these guys showed terrific team-work, including looking for each other by hand and foot. A great example was when Harvey hit Logan on the chest in the goal square to set up a great team goal.

A big thank you to all the parents who made the early morning trip to Murwillumbah on quite short notice, as we continue to adapt the season to the Covid 19 situation. Stay safe and we hope to see you all next week!



On a windy Sunday at Ballina the girls played another close game of football.

Against a taller side it was our game play that proved to be the decisive factor in clearing the ball from the packs and driving us forward.

Djidji was vey solid in defense with great help from Elsie,while sisters Larni and Satira worked well in the centre.

Katrina kicked a number of goals and Alysha really got into the game with some great marks.

Our game strategies continue to build and we're going from strength to strength.

3 from 3 a great start to the season.

Awards went to Elsie,Djidji and Satira.

Training at 4 Thursday.


Under 14.5 Ballina Swans versed Tweed Coast Tigers at Barry Sheppard Oval

Ballina got off to flying start kicking 3 goals to mil in the first quarter with Lochlan being a strong focal point up forward. Second quarter Tweed Coast came out hard  kicking 3 of their own whilst holding the Swans to a solitary point. The 3rd quarter saw Ballina Swans fly yet again with the goal of the year from Jack Moyle out of the  centre 2 bounces and long bomb from just inside the 50m arc, this lifted side kicking another 4 for quarter.  The last quarter saw Tweed Coast fight back kicking 4 goals to 1.

Our one goal in the last was play of the day with brilliant execution from the backline touching only 4 pairs of hands Caleb . Lochlan. Jayden and Josh finished off with goal.

Ballina Swans 9.5.59 Tweed Coast 7.5. 47

Goal kickers  

Tom Bowker 1

Josh Haines 4

Lochlan Maguire 3

Jack Moyle 1

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