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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

It was fantastic to see so many smiling faces enthusiastically taking the field for the first time in 2020, FINALLY! Please read on for our coach's summaries of the games.

A massive thank you to all of the players, parents, spectators and officials who diligently adhered to the new Covid-19 Safe Protocols.

We always encourage spectators to send through photos of each game for use on our blog. Please send your photos to or message us your photos on Facebook.


U8.5's Vs PARENTS @ Mortimer Oval

Today was a beautiful day for the first game of the 2020 season for the Under 8s Swans - the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. The freshly cut grass all contributed a great day for footy down at Mortimer Oval. Unfortunately, Murwillumbah did not have enough players to take to the field so it was time for the Parents to step up and what an epic game ensued! 

Tension was in the air from the first ruck as Callum, Archer and Braydon started in the centre. Thomas and Leeroy held the back. Alex, Jack and Hugh were competitive in forward positions with their respective parents.

The Swans started off strong scoring a few quick goals with the Parents trailing not too far behind. It was a tough fought quarter. The second quarter saw the Parents making a comeback, playing for pride (it has to be said, with a few illegal tackles helping them along), the score was neck and neck.  Under 8s made a lot of great marks with some fantastic passing. 

The third quarter became the battle of the centres, as whoever won the ruck got the goals. The change came about when Callum made a fantastic catch and the Parents were trailing into the forth. It quickly became serious, as the scores were tied up. Again, some incredible kicking and passing from the Under 8s were on display. In the closing minutes, the Parents got 2 quick goals to clinch the win much to the Under 8s dismay.

All in all, it was a great and very fun first game back with hopefully many more to come.


U10.5's Vs Murwillumbah @ Mortimer Oval

The long-awaited return to play day arrived, but it wasn’t without its twists and turns. After just a handful of training sessions, the Lismore Swans Juniors returned to Gloria Mortimer like Swans to water.

This was my first day coaching a Swans squad, and I couldn’t be more impressed with what happened on Sunday.  The Murwillumbah Vulcans needed players to even-up the teams, and I was thrilled with the willingness of 3 youngsters who stepped forward to change teams. It’s important to note that under the current COVID-19 rules, it would mean volunteering to be a Vulcan for the entire match. However minutes from the opening bounce and a change of plans - the Vulcans chose to combine their 8’s and 10’s to a single team. This gave us even numbers, but a very young opposition (as young as 6!), and only a couple of players who have played previously. The game got underway, and Lismore Swan's skill and size advantage was on display early. The boys worked the ball through from the centre of the ground through accurate kicks, handballs and solid marking to quickly put a few goals on the board. Everything we’d trained for was on display, including the on-field ‘chatter’. What happened next was a credit to everyone on the team, and a plan hatched entirely by the kids on the field. After a centre bounce, they gave the Murwillumbah players control of the ball from, into the Forward zone, and into the hands of one of their U8’s, who kicked the goal from the goal square. Everyone cheered, including our players. This is why we play footy. This happened several more times during the game in a tremendous display of sportsmanship, as our Swans Juniors made sure everyone had fun. Credit also to the young umpire, who controlled the game in the best interests of everyone, which meant paying marks and free-kicks that wouldn't normally be there. Again credit to our kids who never queried these decisions. It was an impressive display of football from the Lismore Swans, but it was an even better display of sportsmanship and the reason we play footy.


U11's Girls Vs Byron @ Cavanbah Centre

Well finally we are back on the park. This year the u11girls have a strong squad of 11 ,a mixture of last year players and a number of new girls.

Our first match saw us down at Byron on a beautiful sunny morning perfect for football.

As could be expected the Byron girls took us by surprise and jumped out the gates with 2 quick goals and controlled the ball until we remembered where we were and what we were doing there.

Our answer was our own 2 goals and a few extra on top.The trio of Djidji,Lilah and Neva steadied the team and fully embraced the new tackling rules.

Half time had the two teams close to even on the scoreboard.

After a half to get the hang of it the newer players in Hadleigh,Sally,Nahla and Alysha got going and contributed a string of goals. While Katrina,Charlee and Mihaela stood strong in defence.

At the end of a great 1st game , scores were very close and maybe just favouring Lismore.

Well done girls and see you all on Thursday.


U14.5 Ballina Swans Vs Broadbeach Cats @ Fripp Oval

Ballina Swans 14.5 boys took on Broadbeach Cats at Fripp Oval Ballina, in the sunshine

with dual Captains Jayden & Jack getting us off to a great start. Danny Swan kicked the first goal for season and his first of three. The back line, lead by Caleb and Kobi, repelled attack after attack. Great game by all very impressive first game for such a short preparation. 


Ballina Swans 4.6.30

Broadbeach     1.2.8

Goal kickers 

Danny Swan 3 

Lochlan Maguire 1


Danny Swan 

Jack Moyle 

Caleb Maguire 

Django Hudson-Scheaffe

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