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As the 14's and 16's had bye rounds for the week, all the attention was turned onto Mortimer Oval on Sunday where our 5 junior teams came up against the Tweed Coast Tigers, and our Under 12 youth squad took on the Ballina Bombers.


Sunday Superstars! Swans vs Tweed Tigers

With 3 games beginning simultaneously at 8:30am, it was the fabulous Superstars who were front and centre kicking round 5 off in style! With this particular competition being totally parent driven, it's a wonderful way for those new to the game, to learn and participate together!

The smiles, the cheering and clapping, the encouragement, and lets not forget the skills that these little champs are picking up each time they pull on their footy boots and team jumpers, energises not only the kids, but the parents and spectators as well!


Swans Under U8s vs Tweed Tigers Yellow U8s

Our 8's playing field set up just in front of the Superstars was playing host to the Tigers Yellow team from Tweed. It's amazing to think that this team of younglings, with barely a handful of games that each have played, show the skills and temperament of players with more experience!

What isn't difficult to see, is the enjoyment they all get when the ball gets into their zone, when the eyes light up and the legs get pumping, when they get a goal, have a kick or a handball, have an orange and share their thoughts and water bottles with their team mates. Great stuff!


Voucher Winners

Oliver O'Shea

Lewis Tyson

Swans Under 10s White vs Tweed Tigers Fury U10s

The final 8:30 game played on the other half of the ground featured 1 of our now 2, Under 10 teams! Under the guidance of our brand new coaches Robbie and Rich, the Whites took to the field with energy and run, and a drive to really get themselves into the game from the moment the ball was bounced.

The Tweed side had some bigger talented kids but our side were putting in incredible efforts, keeping up and often breaking away from the opposition, sending the ball forward constantly! Some excellent goals, and great moments were enjoyed by all. There is genuine talent and heart with all these kids. Great team effort!


Voucher Winners

Kypher Dodd

Jonah Hudson Sheaffe

Swans Under 10s Girls vs Tweed Tigers U10s Girls

The 10 Girls began at 9:30 playing 6 a side with the Tigers. It's fabulous seeing the girls developing, and beginning to refine and further understand what is required to push the game, and themselves further.

The practice they do with coach Corey during their training sessions is clearly beginning to transfer onto the field during game time, with kicking to team mates, the use of more handball under pressure, and the general understanding of the game and its rules. It's exciting to have to see them having a lot of fun, with a little competitive edge thrown in! Well done!!

Voucher Winners

Jasmine Clapham

Katrina McQuilty

* If anyone has pics of this game they are happy to share on this blog, please email them to*

Swans Under U10s Red vs Tweed Tigers U10s

The Under 10 Reds were up next as the 2nd of our Under 10's teams playing on the day. It was a fast moving, open game with all players having significant moments for their team.

It was a low scoring affair but that in no way detracted from the quality and purpose that every player showed. With continuous opportunities in each zone during the game, the confidence and skill level rose as a result!

The 2 Under 10s teams will now grow even stronger, with all players now having more exposure and more access to each contest as it comes their way. A great sight to see!

Voucher Winners

 Xavier Mcintyre-Foucherand

 Bowie Robertson


Swans Under U12s vs Ballina Bombers U12s

The final game of the round began with a heavy downpour and subsequent greasy ball, in what turned out to be a real battle, between the Swans and a strong Bombers outfit.

It was evident from the opening bounce that getting the ball out of the congested packs to free up the outside runners, was the only way this game was going to open up.

Each defence was under constant pressure with players from both teams continuing to throw themselves into the contest! Once again some Under 10s players filled the empty spots with incredible courage and spirit.

This included Harvey who was playing his 3rd game of the day!! I think he was disappointed the 14s weren't playing! The Bombers proved too good on the day, but our players lost nothing and learned a lot from that game. Great effort!

Final score: Swans: 3.3.21 -- Bombers: 9.4.58

Goal Kickers: Tom Bowker 1, Malachi Canning 1, Louis Ashby 1


Voucher Winners

Malachi Canning

Tom Bowker

Next round will see the Under 14's playing Friday Night at Byron, whilst the Under 16 Girls will now be joining the Sunday format, playing their games after the Under 12's for this week at least. With fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we are hoping to operate out of our new amenities block this weekend. Stranger things have happened!!


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