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At Lismore Swans Juniors, our philosophy is clear: it's all about the kids. We believe in creating an environment where every child, regardless of their background or abilities, can thrive. Our team is diverse and inclusive, welcoming boys and girls of all ages to participate and grow in the sport. We emphasise the importance of camaraderie, respect, and fair play, ensuring that our young athletes develop a healthy attitude towards team sports.


Our mission for 2024 and beyond is to establish a number of junior teams from under 9 and beyond. In the next five years, we want to become a powerhouse in the AFL Junior division.


We are committed to fostering teamwork, enhancing skills, and nurturing a love for the game in every child. Our aim is not just to win games but to build lasting bonds and instil values that will stay with our players throughout their lives.

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Welcome to the Lismore Swans Juniors. Lismore Seniors were the pioneering Australian Football League (AFL) club in far northern New South Wales. They were established in 1984.


The Junior Swans were first established in the early 2000's.

Our home ground is located at Mortimer Oval.


Now is the best time to join. The club is rebuilding and growing with the aim of becoming the premier sport in Lismore.

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