We are one of over 150 Aussie Rules junior leagues in Australia and all new player registrations and player updates are handled by AFL HQ.


You can register online. To help navigate the online sign-on process, scroll down to check out our guidelines. To complete the registration process you will need to pay the registration fee at the time of registration. 


Heads Up! Don't forget that every school child is entitled to a $100 Active Kids voucher that can go towards the registration costs of your junior player? See Step One below for details.  

Click Here to view player fees for 2020


Step 1 >  Claim your $100 Active Kids Voucher from Service NSW 

The NSW government provides a $100 voucher per school child per year that can be used to cover sports fees by a registered provider - and that's us! So before starting the rego process, head on over to and apply and download your voucher. Happy days. 


If your child is 5-7 years old and you would like to register them for the AFL Superstars program, first you need to head over to Auskick website and register your child there, choosing Lismore Swans Juniors as your nominated club. 


Step 2 >  New Member, Current Member or Transferring                   from another Club? 

If your child is a current member of our club or transitioning from Auskick, and you are registering for this season OR if you are new to Aussie Rules and have never registered previously, then continue to Step 3. 


If you are transferring from another club, then please contact us and we will arrange an online transfer. 


Step 3 >  Register your junior player at

> Go to  and there on the home page make your selections for gender and age. In the Where to Play section, enter Lismore NSW (not Victoria!) then hit the Go button. 


> On the next screen find Lismore Swans Junior AFC, near the top of the list. 

Choose Player Registration.


> The type of registration you choose can be either New Member or Current Member. Your child is a New Member if they have never played Auskick or Juniors for any other club. 

If your child has played for Lismore Juniors in the recent past, then continue as a current member.  

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